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There are many things to consider when installing an orangery in your home.

This could be how large an orangery you require, what type of aesthetic you would like, period or modern features, and the direction your orangery will be facing based on your property setup.

Does the Direction of Your Home Affect Your Orangery?

Many people wonder how the direction of their home will affect their intended orangery, especially when it comes to sunlight and especially when trying to entice as much of that UK sunshine as possible.

A South Facing Home is in the Best Position

Many property owners will already know the importance of the phrase ‘south-facing.’ It’s a huge selling point and factor many people ask about when viewing a home for purchase. However, if there is any outside space involved in a property, then south-facing will always be the best option to get a healthy source of sunlight all day long.

So when you’re considering installing an orangery on your property, having a south-facing home will mean that it will benefit from sunlight at all hours of the day.

This is a huge benefit for making the most out of your orangery for summer when you spend long hours in your orangery during the hotter months. Whether for relaxation, time off work, or even working from home, having a great source of natural sunlight from morning until evening is an essential factor to consider.

Direction of Your Home Affect Your Orangery

The Importance of Natural Light

One of the best reasons to have an orangery added to your home is to get a healthy source of natural light in your extra space. Choosing an orangery for an extension means you have a place to relax, sit and work, all while enjoying natural light – and this is especially important if your orangery is being used as a home office to keep you productive and positive.

Natural light is essential because:

– It helps prevent eyestrain when working or reading in your orangery
– It helps to boost your mood
– It helps to increase warmth when spending time in your orangery
– It can be important for any plants or flowers you choose to keep in your space

It ensures you can see what you’re doing when spending time in your extension without resorting to artificial light.

For this reason, the position of your home will affect your orangery in terms of the amount of natural light you can enjoy in your space.

As mentioned, south-facing will ensure the most light throughout the day, but that doesn’t mean that a property facing a different way can’t still benefit from healthy natural light.

What to Do if Your Property Isn’t South-Facing

It’s important to think about the direction of your home before you begin building your orangery, as there may be certain design features you want to install to make up for any lack of light.

For example, if your property doesn’t benefit from a south-facing position, you may want to have more glass installed than pillars or brickwork to entice as much light as possible.

You may also want to think about more glass on the roof and reflective elements like mirrors or mirrored furniture.

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