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Orangeries are such an excellent addition to any home. They’re beautiful and can brighten up even the gloomiest days.

Proper orangery maintenance is essential if you want to keep your orangery looking its best for years to come.

There’s no point having a gorgeous orangery that you can’t use because it’s rotted away due to neglect!

If you’re thinking about getting an orangery installed in your home, here are five important jobs that need doing before autumn comes around:

Insulate Your Orangery.

If you want to keep the heat in, insulate your orangery. If you’re going to keep the cold out, insulate your orangery.

The two things that make this job a bit tricky are:

– Insulation can reduce noise from outside and increase soundproofing for privacy.
– Insulation reduces condensation on windows and walls by keeping them dryer which helps prevent mould growth.

It’s important to remember that when it comes to insulation, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution.

Whether it’s a whole house renovation project or just a few modifications such as adding new window frames into an existing structure (orangery), each job requires a unique approach based on what materials are being used and where they’re located (on top of each other).

Prepare Your Heating System.

Now that you’ve got your orangery ready, it’s time to prepare it for autumn. The first thing you should do is check that all of your windows and doors are properly secured. You don’t want any cold air and getting trapped in the room with your plants!

5 Essential Orangery Maintenance and Care Jobs before Autumn

Next, check that there is enough insulation around the window frames so they don’t get too cold when it’s chilly outside. Finally, ensure you have enough heating oil for the winter months ahead (and a warm coat). The last thing anyone wants is a cold house—especially if they have a few potted plants growing inside!

Check Your Air Conditioning.

Now is the perfect time to check that your air conditioning unit is in good working order. First, check the internal filter and ensure it’s clean, free from debris and not blocked by dust or leaves.

Also, take a look at the external unit: will it be able to cope with any adverse weather conditions this autumn? Make sure it’s free from leaves, rainwater drainage holes are clear, no leaks and so on.

Seal Your Windows and Doors.

You can use a spray-on sealant or a roll-on product to cover the gaps and cracks. Make sure you check for any leaks or loose seals and make any replacements necessary.

Seal Your Orangery Roof.

It’s important to check your Orangery Roof before the first frost and look for any issues or damage to the seal. A good seal on your Orangery Roof prevents heat loss, condensation and leaks.

It will also prevent mould formation that can cause serious damage to the structure of an orangery roof, which will require expensive repairs or replacement.

You’ll need to prepare your orangery for the colder weather ahead.

Before autumn arrives and temperatures drop below 15 degrees Celsius (60 Fahrenheit), it’s wise to take the above measures as it will become harder tom maintain once Winter sets in.

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